9 Fun Bounce House Games To Play

Bounce houses are a great way to keep kids entertained at parties and other events. But what games can you play in a bounce house? Here are a few ideas:

1. Simon Says

This classic game is a great way to get kids moving and laughing. The object of the game is to follow the leader’s instructions, but the leader can only give instructions that start with “Simon says.” If the leader gives an instruction that doesn’t start with “Simon says,” then anyone who follows it is out of the game.

2. musical chairs

This is another classic game that’s perfect for a bounce house. Set up a circle of chairs in the bounce house, and have the kids walk around the chairs while music plays. When the music stops, everyone sits down in a chair. The person who doesn’t have a chair is out, and one chair is removed from the circle. The game continues until there’s only one chair left and one winner.

3. Balloon pop

This is a simple but fun game that’s perfect for a bounce house. Hang a bunch of balloons from the ceiling, and have the kids try to pop them.

4. relay races

Divide the kids into teams and have them race each other in various relay races. You can make the races as simple or as complicated as you want.

5. treasure hunt

Hide small toys or other treasures around the bounce house, and have the kids search for them.

6. freeze dance

Put on some music and have the kids dance around the bounce house. When the music stops, they have to freeze in place. The last person to freeze is out.

7. tag

This classic game doesn’t need much explanation. One person is “it” and tries to tag the other players. The last person to be tagged is the winner.

8. limbo

How low can you go? This game is a great way to get the kids moving. Set up a limbo pole and see how low the kids can go without touching the ground.

9. duck, duck, goose

This is a classic game that’s perfect for a group of kids. One child is “it” and walks around the circle of kids, tapping each child on the head and saying “duck.” When the child gets to the person they want to be

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